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My name is William Bennett. I am the owner of William Bennett Carpentry, Inc.  First off, we would like to Thank You for visiting our site; not only are we a family owned and operated business we also stand beside our quality work and values for each individual project. Instead of advertising to you our past work we would like to give you all the tools that are necessary to educate you on your next big step!

Renovations and Home Projects are a big step and there are many questions and concerns regarding your home and the quality of care we provide; as that is normal for every homeowner to have a fear about bringing a crew into their home which they do not personal know! But, that’s okay. We are hear to guide you through every question and concern you have; we also have hands full of referrals to prove our professionalism.

While you may be reviewing many other proposals from other companies, including ours. You want to be aware of the products that will be used. Is it the same grade? Is it the top notch products with warranties? And of course; are you getting the quality you are paying for? Or are you paying for the quality you are receiving? Proposals can be tricky when looking at the bottom line number. But, don’t forget to look at the detailed information as well!

Here with William Bennett Carpentry, Inc. we offer a wide range of specialties such as Crown Molding Carpentry, Base Board Carpentry, Wainscoting Carpentry, Coffered Ceiling Carpentry, Door Casing and Interior Door Carpentry.

If you would like more information, have any questions or would like to set up your Free Estimate Appointment please give us a call!

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