Frequently Asked Questions

How many years of experience does William Bennett Carpentry, Inc. have in the construction industry?

William Bennett Carpentry, Inc. has over 2 decades of experience in the construction industry, and better yet; the 24 years of experience has been right here in the Naples and Marco Island location. William (Owner) has been working in the field with his father since High School and picked up the techniques that most Carpenters don’t. With the knowledge not only on professional carpentry workmanship, but also the skill and practice of being in the same local area helps us perform for our customers. We guarantee your satisfaction in knowing that William Bennett Carpentry, Inc. knows the best materials and techniques for every project that comes our way.

What is the usual time frame to complete a project

Size and complexity play a large role in each individual project and its time span.

Can I trust Bennett Carpentry, Inc. and their employees in my home?

William Bennett Carpentry, Inc. has a staff that shares the same mural outlook as Mr. Bennett himself! On top of that, we have all the referrals to prove it!

What makes Bennett Carpentry, Inc. stand out from other carpenters in the area?

Our staff and business ethics. With all of our staff having the prior construction knowledge they are able to confidently overcome obstacles that pop-up during a project or remodel process.

Is it highly important that I higher a licensed and insured contractor?

Most defiantly; not only do you chance getting inferior work but you most likely will get an unskilled person to do the work. Not to mention the liability you put on yourself. If someone is injured in your home or even if the employee is not injured but knows how to abuse the insurance laws they can take advantage of you and your insurance company.

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